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We are an independent Boston-based hacker lab dedicated to developing radical technologies that augment our minds and bodies. We work trans disciplines and deeply integrate ethics into human engineering, building systems that encourage flourishing and protect people from malicious behavioral hijacking.

We are living the Augmentation Revolution


Since the beginning of civilization, humans have created technologies to augment their environment. In the 21st century, the technologies we build will augment being human - our minds, bodies, and relationships.

Yet, as human engineering algorithms get increasingly sophisticated, we must align technological development with human interests. 

At the Augmentation Lab, we counteract systems that addict, subjugate, and exploit with systems that protect, empower, and enhance the innate magic of being human. ​


Augmentation Residency on Wearable and Personal AI

The 2024 Augmentation Summer Residency focuses on making wearable AI and personal agents that are context-aware, private, and open.

Personal AI has tremendous potential to augment our lives, from productivity to relationships and learning. However, it is also a dangerous tool for censorship and control. An AI that knows your preferences is a powerful tool for manipulation, censorship, and surveillance, besides its ability to pose as you. 

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