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We are a transdisciplinary student-led R&D lab founded at Harvard and MIT. We are building human augmentation technologies (systems, methods, practices) to explore & engineer the human condition for a better future.

We are living the Augmentation Revolution.


Technology is about humans. From fire and stone tools to the modern day internet, new technologies and inventions have always augmented the human experience. Yet technology development has often been disconnected from its human impact, resulting in ethical and technical challenges at the human-technology interface. Our modern era is marked by both great technological advancement and deep social-cultural-spiritual dissatisfaction. 


As human engineering algorithms get increasingly sophisticated, we must align technological development with human interests. 


If applied thoughtfully, we have seen technology be magical. Therefore, at the Augmentation Lab we want to focus on bringing out magical technology, counteracting systems that addict, subjugate, and exploit, with systems that protect, empower, and enhance the innate magic of being human. ​

Augmentation Residency on Wearable and Personal AI

The Augmentation Lab is organizing a second summer residency to shape the wearable and personal AI revolution. If you are interested in supporting us, please reach out to:

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