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2023 Augmentation Residency


The Augmentation Residency provides a platform for creative technologists to come together and intensively design the next impactful technologies in the fields of wearable computing, XR, BCI, and AI. With mentorship from renowned experts provided to a driven team of creative technologists, the residency outputs concrete technology and advanced methodologies. We strive to push the frontiers of augmentation technology and its impact on humanity through self-experimentation and collaboration.



The Augmentation Residency is a 10 week long, fully immersive, and living-expenses-paid* residency program in which 8 creative technologists live and work together to build augmentation technologies.

We will integrate product development, research, self-experimentation, and creative storytelling to produce (1) augmentation technologies, (2) generalizable insights on human-technology system dynamics, and (3) a documentary capturing the entire experience and the stories that arise along the way.

  • Creative technologist

  • Designing major in Human Augmentation @ Harvard

  • Technical background: software (XR, generative ML, full stack), microfabrication & nanomaterials

  • Storyteller at heart, grew up writing sci-fi novels

  • Creative physicist and technologist

  • CS & Physics @ Harvard

  • Technical background: hardware & software (Electronics, ML, CAD, 3D modeling, algorithms)

  • Prior research in: Quantum mechanics, and nanoscale optics @ CERN and CQN

  • Musician and composer since young age

Treyden Photo (1)_edited_edited.jpg
  • Creative rebel

  • Exploring immersive Tech @ Harvard GSD & MIT

  • Technical background: Film-video, Wearables, Software (generative ML) & Hardware (robotics) integration, etc.

  • Natural-born performer, studied dance @ Juilliard

  • Transdisciplinary developer

  • Neuroscience, biology & CS @ UCL & Leipzig

  • AI + BCI research @ MIT Media Lab

  • Technical background: SWE, UX/UI design, product management

  • Co-wrote a book on scaling up startups

  • Embedded systems engineer @ Apple

  • Studied CS @ Rice University while building electronics for AR by night

  • Technical background: consumer electronics design (HDI, System-in-Package), computer architecture (high-performance microprocessors, accelerators), systems programming (embedded Linux, RTOS), robotics (motion planning, computer vision)

  • Serious about software and constantly making custom hardware

  • EECS @ UC Berkeley

  • Technical background: system and electrical design of non-invasive neural interfaces (EMG, EOG), computer vision/ML, hardware hacks

  • Research in: speech synthesis BCIs

  • Curious about sensory substitution/augmentation and vision science

  • Computer Scientist obsessed with AI & Human Augmentation

  • PhD Student at Tufts University studying BCI and neural ML

  • Technical Background: Software Engineering, ML, BCI, Cloud Computing

  • Research experience in nanoscale optics, autonomous UAV navigation, BCI, RL, and computer vision

  • Creative technologist (got laid off 3 weeks ago and have been chilling at coffee shops since then :D)

  • Studied CS for undergrad and went to Industrial Design grad school to design physical objects

  • Technical background: software engineering (swift, unity, web, python), woodworking, welding, 3d modeling, furniture design, soft goods

  • Passionate about physical interface & tangible media


Thank you!

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Thank you to the amazing mentors and advisors that have supported us throughout the program:

Jørn Lyseggen, Chris Smoak, Paul Hayre, Caitlin Kalinowski, Pedro Lopes, Steve Mann, Ori Inbar, Tomas Vega, Courtnie Paschall, and Lucas Chu who have helped make this possible.

Special thanks to Ryan Vir who contributed to the research and the organization of the Augmentation Showcase!

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