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2024 Augmentation Residency

Own your data, own your AI

The 2024 Augmentation Summer Residency is a 2-month hacker accelerator for top AI talent in Cambridge, MA to build the next personal AI interfaces for a safe and open future. 


The cohort encompasses 12 top engineers and designers from 7 countries, including 1 YC and 5 other founders, early unicorn engineers, multi-award-winning researchers, and PhD and grad students from Harvard, MIT, and the University of Rome.

The Augmentation Residency provides a platform for product discovery and validation. Residents collaborate on projects that align with the Augmentation Lab's mission of building open systems that protect users from malicious intentions and exploitation, instead enhancing transparency and well-being.

They also receive access to physical resources, potential co-founders, and a tailored educational program for living with AI in the 21st century.

Residents will have a wearable throughout the residency to build their own personal AI.

Final dates: 1 July - 31 August 2024, virtual pre-program starts 24 June

Location: Cambridge, MA

Applications are closed. ​Join our Discord: 


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The future of human-machine symbiosis


Personalized AI can diagnose our diseases, increase our productivity, augment our relationships, and even make decisions for us.  We need new physical interfaces that integrate AI seamlessly into our lives.

But Personal AI is also a dangerous tool for censorship and control. An AI based on you can clone your voice, copy your writing style, and create ads and political content that know exactly what to target you with.

The 2024 Augmentation Residency on Wearable AI & Personal Agents focuses on making AI context-aware, private, and open.

Residency outputs

MVPs for products, papers, patents, designs, and digital content.
  • Hardware products

  • Data storage/ownership architectures

  • AI-based consumer software

  • AI infrastructure software

  • Integrated hardware-software AI wearables for specific applications

  • Whitepapers

Technical learning

The Augmentation Residency will be supported by an educational framework for transdisciplinary, AI-centric learning and product development.

Residents will learn about human-machine symbiosis, miniaturized electronics, local and open-source LLMs, multi-agent simulations, edge computing, and secure/decentralized data ownership mechanisms.


All team members are core members of the Augmentation Lab. They are transdisciplinary developers who have been building genAI apps, ML systems, robotics, wearables, and XR experiences for several years.
  • Hardware & software hacker, physicist, philosopher

  • Physics & CS Senior @Harvard

  • Former VP @Harvard Conflux Art-Tech

  • Experiences at CERN & Harvard Nanoscale Optics Lab

  • Working on Multiagent simulations & modeling perception mathematically
  • x-disciplinary developer, writer, neuroscientist

  • Graduate researcher @MIT Media Lab

  • Bioinformatics @ULeipzig

  • Biomedical Sciences & Neuroscience @UCL

  • Co-wrote a book on scale-ups

  • Working on integrating biosignals into LLMs & AI wearables
  • Transdisciplinary Engineer and Creative Rebel

  • Incoming graduate researcher @MIT Media Lab

  • Design Technology @ Harvard

  • BFA & professional dancer @Julliard

  • Autodidact CS, mechanical engineering, public policy, futurist

  • Native hacker, building XR, robotics, personal Al

  • Designing a special major in Human Augmentation @ Harvard College

  • Dropped out to be the
    CTO @ Vision Cycle, raised to-date $2.5M

  • Co-founded the Harvard
    AR/VR Developers Club

  • Founded a phone repair company at 16, with over 2400 customers & 900 repairs

  • Extraterrestrial bioengineering innovator

  • Biomedical Engineering @ UoF

  • Research in space biology, biocompatible microgels, implantables, and bioprinting organoids for COVID-19

  • Passionate about space synthetic biology, extraterrestrial habitat development & sustainable space exploration

  • Creative Neurotechnologist, Wearables Strategy Consultant

  • Brain-Computer Interface Researcher @ MIT Media Lab

  • Psychology & CS @ University of Toronto

  • Working on biosensing wearables that improve cognitive health with thoughtful go-to-market strategies for consumer impact

2023 Augmentation Residency

Our previous residency was a 2.5-month long program for 8 creative technologists in San Francisco.

Following the residency, our participants have founded neurotech companies, joined engineering teams at Apple, Cradle Healthcare ($48 mio), and Osmo AI ($8.5 mio), and started graduate positions at the MIT Media Lab.

A case study on the 2023 Augmentation Residency was presented at CHI 2024 in Hawaii.


If you are interested in supporting the Augmentation Residency, please reach out to us at

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