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Core Team
  • Co-founder

  • Creative physicist and technologist

  • Physics & CS @ Harvard College

  • Board Member @ Harvard Conflux Art Tech Club

  • Research in quantum mechanics and nanoscale optics @ CERN and Harvard Nanoscale Optics Lab

  • Built a local makerspace in rural Germany in high school, raising >100k

  • Technical background: hardware & software (electronics, ML, CAD, algorithms, soft robotics)

  • Passionate musician and composer

  • Co-founder

  • x-disciplinary developer, neuroscientist, writer

  • Graduate researcher @ MIT Media Lab, Fluid Interfaces group

  • Final year Master’s student in Bioinformatics,

  • Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences @ UCL

  • Technical background: fullstack software development, LLMs, ML, bioengineering, cognitive neuroscience, fabrication foundations

  • Working on generative AI, biosignals & wearable AI

Treyden Photo (1)_edited_edited.jpg
  • Co-founder

  • Creative rebel and transdisciplinary engineer

  • Final year Master student @ Harvard Graduate School of Design

  • Researcher @ Harvard Responsive Environments & Artifacts Lab

  • Technical background: Film-video, Wearables, Software (web development, generative ML) & Hardware (robotics) integration, etc.

  • Bachelor's in Dance @ Juliiard School

  • Creative Neurotechnologist, Wearables Strategy Consultant

  • Brain-Computer Interface Researcher @ MIT Media Lab

  • Psychology & CS @ University of Toronto

  • Working on biosensing wearables that improve cognitive health with thoughtful go-to-market strategies for consumer impact

  • Native hacker, building XR, robotics, personal Al

  • Designing a special major in Human Augmentation @ Harvard College

  • Dropped out to be the
    CTO @ Vision Cycle, raised to-date $2.5M

  • Co-founded the Harvard
    AR/VR Developers Club

  • Founded a phone repair company at 16, with over 2400 customers & 900 repairs

  • Extraterrestrial bioengineering innovator

  • Biomedical Engineering BSc @ UoF

  • Research in biocompatible microgels and bioprinting lung-based organoids for understanding COVID pathology and developing therapeutics

  • Technical background: biomaterials engineering, implantables, cell culture, space tech

  • Passionate about space synthetic biology, extraterrestrial habitat development, and sustainable space exploration

  • Hardware engineer & artist

  • Currently in high school, taking all his classes @ Harvard & MIT

  • Research @ MIT Media Lab & MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Science

  • Organizer @ MIT Reality Hack

  • Technical Background: XR, CAD, electronics, drones

  • Previous experience in autonomous drones, BCI, and XR Hardware design

  • Exited startup community non-profit founder

  • Economics @ Harvard College, multiple drop out

  • Founding team @ Cerebral Valley, the largest AI community in SF

  • Co-founded the largest student-run COVID research non-profit,, before raising over $1m and exiting a crypto exchange,

  • Running the Harvard Hacker House, c-house

Past Members
  • Co-founder

  • Creative technologist

  • Designing a major in Human Augmentation @ Harvard College

  • Researcher @ MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

  • Co-founder of Harvard AR/VR Developers and Conflux Art Tech Club

  • Technical background: software (XR, generative ML, full stack), microfabrication & nanomaterials

  • Storyteller at heart, grew up writing sci-fi novels


Inga Zhuravleva

  • Neurotech hacker

  • EECS @ UC Berkeley

  • Hardware Engineer @ Lorentz Bio, working on neurocropreservation 

  • Research on BCI for speech synthesis @ Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research

  • Technical background: system and electrical design of non-invasive neural interfaces (EMG, EOG), computer vision/ML, hardware hacks

  • Research in: speech synthesis BCIs

  • Curious about sensory substitution/augmentation and vision science

  • Embedded systems engineer @ Apple

  • Studied CS @ Rice University while building electronics for AR by night

  • Technical background: consumer electronics design (HDI, System-in-Package), computer architecture (high-performance microprocessors, accelerators), systems programming (embedded Linux, RTOS), robotics (motion planning, computer vision)

  • Serious about software and constantly making custom hardware

  • Computer Scientist obsessed with Human-Machine Singularity

  • Neurotech founder @ Entrepreneur First, 1st US cohort

  • Former PhD Student @ Tufts University studying BCI and neural ML

  • Technical Background: Software Engineering, ML, BCI, Cloud Computing

  • Research experience in nanoscale optics, autonomous UAV navigation, BCI, RL, and computer vision

  • Creative technologist

  • ML Engineer @ Osmo AI, giving computers a sense of smell

  • Studied CS for undergrad @ NYU Shanghai and went to Industrial Design grad school @Rhode Island School of Design to design physical objects

  • Technical background: software engineering (swift, unity, web, python), woodworking, welding, 3d modeling, furniture design, soft goods

  • Passionate about physical interface & tangible media


Caine Ardayfio

  • Developer & Venture Leader

  • Engineer @ Mach Industries

  • Dropped out of CS & Math @ Harvard

  • Technical background: full stack, ML, & XR software, BCI, digital fabrication & hardware prototyping

  • Experience in scaling organizations

  • Robotics researcher

  • CS & Applied Math @ Harvard

  • Past internships @ Boston Dynamics, NASA, Air Force, Harvard Microrobotics Lab

  • Technical background: robotics, control systems, computer vision

  • Experience in developing robotics software components for industry & research


If you have any inquiries, please reach out to us at

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