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Conceptual Tales - Learning Through AI-Generated Analogies from Story Worlds

Updated: Mar 19

How can we harness the power of artificial intelligence and narrative to create a more intuitive and engaging learning experience for students?

Subjects at school and beyond can often feel dry and boring to learners. Yet, children and adults eagerly devote much time and energy to cinematic universes and fantastical story worlds.

Conventional teaching strategies, especially in STEM fields, often struggle to engage students, leading to a learning experience that feels tedious and disconnected from their personal lives. Meanwhile, students of various ages dedicate significant time and enthusiasm to exploring and understanding fictional worlds, such as those of Marvel, Harry Potter, or Disney. To address this, we have developed a chatbot interface, enhanced by an image generator, that leverages analogies from students’ favorite fictional realms to explain concepts across STEM and social sciences. This approach aims to link students' interests with their educational journey. Using analogies to elucidate complex concepts is a well-established pedagogical technique that can make information more accessible and relevant to learners. Our research demonstrates the effectiveness of generative AI to ingeniously integrate elements from fictional universes with educational topics, fostering inventive and engaging analogies. By allowing students to view educational materials through their preferred narratives, our system offers customized learning experiences that can spark curiosity and deepen engagement. Additionally, its scalable nature permits the creation of bespoke educational experiences for each learner in a classroom, a feat that is challenging for educators to achieve manually.

Middle and high schoolers rated their experience with Conceptual Tales an average of 9/10 in play tests.

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